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Daddy Squeeze Trio Mini Tour Madison & Chicago

Daddy Squeeze Trio with Lou & Peter Berryman

The Daddy Squeeze Trio traveled to Madison and Chicago in April 2009. In Madison they appeared in concert with Lou & Peter Berryman.

They also performed on a live radio podcast called Mad Toast Live.

New CD from DS3!

Daddy Squeeze Trio The Daddy Squeeze Trio had a great time in San Antonio at the International Accordion Festival! Their new, self-titled CD was a hit at the festival, and now you can get a copy! Just go to the Recordings page at and click on the order form button. You'll enjoy the bluesy jug-band, swing, and other selections performed by Dan, Tom, and Bob on accordion, bass, and guitar. The Trio will be appearing frequently in the Twin Cities area, and you can always pick up a CD at their performances.

Café Accordion Orchestra celebrates the release of their new CD Germaine

CAO - GermaineGermaine, Cafe Accordion Orchestra’s seventh recording, finds the Twin Cities-based band in a particularly sunny mood. CAO presents the combination of accordion, mandolin, violin, guitars, bass, percussion, and vocals in their trademark ensemble-oriented manner. While their previous two releases (Le Disque Français and Cinema) were concept albums, Germaine is simply a collection of favorite tunes the band has been performing over the past 15 years. More Info...

Ken Mahler - Accordion store is his main squeeze

Here is a recent article about Twin Cities accordion great, Ken Mahler, and how the internet helped revive his business. Click here...

"Hi-Top Sneakers" CD release Concert Video, Feb 13th - Varsity Theater, Minneapolis

Check out more videos from Daddy Squeeze

Recently Released Daddy Squeeze CD, "Hi-Top Sneakers"!

Hi Top Sneakers"Hi-Top Sneakers" is a joyful, rootsy romp led by accordionist Dan "Daddy Squeeze" Newton. Dan and an all-star cast of musicians give you almost an hour of Swing, Jugband, Blues, Country, Polka, and Cumbia, with a couple beautiful waltzes thrown in. Dan is joined by Pat Donohue, Bob Ekstrand and Steve Kaul on guitars, Brian Wicklund on fiddle and mandolin, bassist Gary Raynor, Clint Hoover on harmonica, Tom Lewis on bass, Tom Wells on tuba, vocalist Jon Rodine, and percussionists Marc Anderson, Dehl Gallagher and Elizabeth Rowan.

Read a review of Hi-Top Sneakers from Minnesota Monthly

On "Hi-Top Sneakers" Dan showcases his song-writing skills, presenting 13 original tunes and songs that have been among the favorites of his fans over the years. Included are "The Yohnnie B Goode Polka", "Cuppa Java the Size of My Head", and "Say I Do". Dan also covers songs by the Memphis Jug Band (The Downtown Strut), Pete Kozak (Under the Table Again) and Dr. John Walker (Put Your Snout to the Spout).

Counterfeit CAO CD??

Counterfiet CAO CD

If anyone owns or knows about this CD, please contact Dan at or by calling 651-488-1174.

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Hot Links to Some Hot Music from Brazil!

Why a link to these Brazilian music sites? Because Brazil has been the home of some of the most dynamic and creative accordionists on earth for the past 30 years. They play a variety of styles and rhythms, and call it by many names...choro, frevo, samba, and my favorite, forro. This music is finally making it's way into the American musical consciousness, and accordionists and accordion lovers should be very happy! As vital and earthy as Zydeco, and driving as Norteno, and as smooth and sexy as cumbia, the forro mixes elements of jazz, Afro-Cuban, and Brazilian folk music to create an irresistible, highly danceable sound. To learn more, click on the links below...but don't blame me if you wind up dancing!

Individual Artists Sites

Sivuca on the Web | Trio Nordestino | Dominguinhos

All Brazilian Music

On the left you will see a selection window morked "styles, genres and movements". Click on the drop down arrow, and select "forro". On the lower right of the forro page, you'll see selected biographies and discographies. Pay special attention to Sivuca, Dominguinhos, and Gonzaga.

Caravan Music

You can also go here, and substitute Colombia for Brazil, and get some cool info on Cumbia and Villenato.

All Music Guide

The all music guide is a great resource to look up artists of any genre. Here is what they say about Dominguinhos