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Hi-Top Sneakers – Dan Newton – Review

DAN “DADDY SQUEEZE” NEWTON Hi-Top Sneakers self-released DN0048 (2008) It’s hard to imagine a bad time with Daddy Squeeze (a.k.a. Dan Newton) in the house. On his latest, the Minneapolis accordionist is joined by 14 of his closest pals, who play everything from guitars. fiddles, mandolins, and Dobros to string basses, harmonicas. tubas, and even [...]

Ken Mahler – Accordion store is his main squeeze

Ken Mahler has long known the ins and outs of the business; now, with an assist from an old friend, his store has an online revival. Reprint from Minneapolis Star Tribune As kids, Bruce Pastorius and Ken Mahler made an odd pair: Mahler, the quiet kid who dutifully practiced his accordion 45 minutes every day [...]

Counterfeit CAO CD??

If anyone owns or knows about this CD, please contact Dan at or by calling 651-488-1174. Click for more images …

Hot Links to Some Hot Music from Brazil!

Why a link to these Brazilian music sites? Because Brazil has been the home of some of the most dynamic and creative accordionists on earth for the past 30 years. They play a variety of styles and rhythms, and call it by many names…choro, frevo, samba, and my favorite, forro. This music is finally making [...]

A History of the Musette

All across the country bellows are squeezing out countless dance tunes from Cajun and Zydeco to Tex-Mex and Rock’n’Roll. With its return to favor, the accordion has turned people on to types of music they have never heard before. Perhaps the most obscure of these musical styles is the French “Musette.” It is largely overlooked, even [...]

Café Accordion Sheet Music!

Mel Bay presents Cafe Accordion… All the tunes on Dan’s solo cd,”Café Accordion” are now available in printed form. You can own them by buying “Mel Bay Presents Cafe Accordion”! These books include a copy of the cd, printed music with chords,and notes on performing from the composer! In the Twin Cities you can find [...]

Musette: An Essential Discography

Until the 1990s, recordings of “musette” orchestras or repertoire were very hard to find in the United States. Most of what was available was only in the form of old 78 r.p.m. discs, and these were either in poor condition or in the hands of collectors. Fortunately, a couple of French recording companies released a [...]

My Favorite Accordions

A guide to some nice, light-weight, affordable, professional instruments. Here is a list of some of the best accordions I have played, in no particular order, and where to find them. Planet Squeezebox – This is now my favorite, and most dependable instrument. I use a 72-bass, without midi, and a fairly wet tuning (2 [...]

My Favorite Hot Sauces, Salsas, and Culinary Picks

As a devoted fan of all things piquant and pungent, I thought I would share with you a few of my very favorite condiments. I tend to favor those sauces and salsas that combine good flavor with heat, rather than the ones that simply try to send you to the emergency room with third degree [...]