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La Vie Musette

Roots TownDan Newton sure ain't new to the careful RootsTown reader. Just to refresh your memory: Dan's from St. Paul, Minneapolis, and is a master on the accordion. Besides playing solo he also performs with his Café Accordion Orchestra. When you surf to his two websites you'll learn everything about his music, other accordion music, shows, festivals, and musicians in the States and everywhere else in the world. These are still my favorite websites. That's also how we tracked down his new cd La Vie Musette. On this record there are sixteen songs that, as the title says, can be situated in musette style. Some of the members of Café Accordion Orchestra back him up musically. One moment you feel like you're in a Paris bistro, another time it feels as if you're in the French Auvergne, not to mention Spain or South Amercia. Manouche music, tango, paso doble, accordion swing, Gus Viseur, Jose Padilla, Tony Murena…

The songs are cleverly chosen and the album sounds very varied. No overdone covers. The marvelously self-written compositions should be mentioned too, such as Ampersand, Polka Deux Chevaux about the classic Citroën, yes indeed, and El Camino A Mi Corazon. Our good fiend Dan Newton has again come up with a beautiful piece of work, don't miss it. (Ben Vanhoegaerden) PS. When you go to you'll notice that there's a new live album from the Orchestra. Don't let it slip through your fingers.

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